Baccarat casino

The same way to walk Baccarat money, part 1

at this time, online casinos are very popular in The most popular casino game for a long time in casinos, it is Baccarat. It is a game that uses the main equipment for playing cards. The word baccarat is in French. It is based on Italian, meaning that due to the process of playing like blackjack. Therefore, there is an assumption that Baccarat is a game modified from Blackjack but with reduced complications. make the game more compact

Divide bets into 3 sides, Banker, Player, Tie. Disadvantage shape House edge between Banker and Player is very low compared to other casino games. Get to know Baccarat in a nutshell. Next we will go into the gist of this content. Guidelines for walking the same baccarat money as follows.

Static money movement = Because Baccarat is a relatively short casino game. Know the result immediately. The game ends quickly. The price for each bet is not very high. reiterate the fun, cheerfulness, excitement The same fixed money formula is another formula that is easy and quite suitable for many players.

by calculating the same way of moving money Players must set the price on a day-to-day basis before how much the total price will be used. For example, the capital for betting on Baccarat, we will be divided into % of Baccarat Capital 10,000 baht, 100 units, 100 baht per unit. We charge a percentage of 5% of the capital. The same ratio will be equal to 500 baht. 500 baht will duck the beginning of the

equation. It is the initial money. In 1 round, there will be 4 times. For this reason, 4 times of 5% is 20%. Play 5 units per turn for 500 baht. We play. Win and lose together at the end when the profit increases 20% to 10,000*20%= 2,000 Whenever the goal is reached, stop playing first. Sometimes it may be left for a while or Can take a long break and play again tomorrow