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The reason why we win at online casinos, part 3

If a dice occurs, bet on sowing

It is similar to the formula for playing roulette. But Hi-Lo has more numbers than cause there should be scattered bets By setting up 4 favorite numbers, namely 1 – 2 – 3 – 4, and after that, tod the number alternately, and 6 types (1-2,1-3,1-4,2-3, 2-4,3-4) Place a bet of 100 x 6 = 600 baht each. When the result comes out, assuming there are 2 correct numbers (1 pair), you will get 500 baht, and the other 5 pairs

will lose 500, equal to a draw. The body is not a bad result, but anyway. however, even if the eye of luck enters There are 3 numbers from which you bet, for example 1-2-3, you will win 3 pairs, get 1,500 baht and lose 3 pairs, 300 baht = get a full profit of 1,200 baht. It’s a very profitable formula.

If playing Tiger-Dragon, wait for odd


bets. Tiger-Dragon betting is viewed as playing that would probably get 50-50% for the most risky bet. because you don’t have to attract much With the showdown and knowing the benefits, analyzing and predicting the outcome of the cards from both sides can sometimes be difficult. Turning to the focal point for even-odd bets because this play will use 5 decks of cards, divided into 120 pairs and 140 odd

cards, which is more. assuming that when the game has started 20 pairs of cards already taken, including 20 odds out of the same draw, bet on 20 odd cards from now on, more chances of opening up to play. If the odd side is correct, the water supply fee will be deducted at 0.75, but the rate is higher and it’s worth more.


for new players and that the players always can be applied to your playing However, gambling no matter what kind Even if there is a high right to bet But it should take care and manage money well within the limits with discipline.