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The reason why we win at online casinos, part 2

If playing roulette, bet in 2 zones.

Roulette is gambling. There are many different types of players to choose from. And it has an attractive payout rate of 36 times the stake. And of course, there are quite a few sect formulas from all over the place, and they’re not the same. Ultimate but the ability to play for each person. So we would like to suggest a 2-zone betting formula, where the options will have a total of 3 zones as

o 1st Zone = numbers 1 – 12

o 2nd Zone = numbers 13 – 24

o 3rd Zone = numbers 25 -36

even if the results are 0 will be eaten by the dealer (commission)

The way to bet is to choose to bet on 2 zones, for example, bet on zone 1 bet 100 and zone 2 bet 100 baht when the result is assumed to be the number 17, as if zone 1, we lost 100 baht, but we were right Zone 2, get 300, total capital equal to 200 baht bet, but right, we get 300 baht = 100 baht profit. Can profit from playing very well raw

If playing baccarat to stab the dealer again

Playing Baccarat means playing to guess the side whose cards have the closest score to the number 9, which can be played by both sides. Is the Player side or the Banker side, both sides have the same opportunity By the banker’s side, there is a water fee deduction when you guess correctly, for example, if stabbing 100 baht, the water supply fee will be deducted to 95 baht. However, if stabbed on the

player’s side when correct, it will get full. Thrust 100, get 100 baht, causing many people to regret. Effect of deducting water bills which, according to statistics, the overall result will go to the dealer’s side more Always remind yourself to have an eye that needs to be repeated over the dealer. Until Wells gradually switched to play all the way. That can actually be used.