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International Tables to Know Before Playing Baccarat Part 2

Result table

It is a baccarat table that will show the story of the actual results recorded from the beginning until now. can be subdivided into

1.1 The largest table is the most widely used foundation log table. It is the default table that leads to further development of other tables. The largest table is a baccarat table that is easy to use. can know immediately It will look like a deep grid, 6 rows long to the right to record the next results. By the process of recording baccarat results will use colors instead of results such as Banker’s red circle line

Player’s side is represented by a blue circle line. The record guide will record from top to bottom, left to right, starting from the top left square, and so on if the second eye result is the same color. It will be recorded further down below. If it’s in a new color, it will convert the new column. Alternate columns red and blue. If a tie is not recorded because it counts as a takeback from Banker, the pair result will be displayed as a dot on the edge. If the player pairs It will be a blue dot on the edge of the circle, across the bottom, but if it is a pair of cards, the dealer will show on the circle on the top left.

Once the results are out, we can then consider or use an analysis. Baccarat formats that can be issued such as If it alternates between the dealer or the player once or twice, we call this table. ping pong table Characteristics are going to switch sides such as Player > Banker Banker Banker even though the table comes out as a ping-pong table. Players should plan to play alternating stabs in time. But if the result behind the table is a dragon pattern table (Results come out on either side that are close to each other in many eyes) for example Banker>Banker> Banker>Banker When the table comes out as a dragon table Players should bet according to the table. Because from time to time, 7–8 long dragon table designs are also available.